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If you’re looking to sell, you’re in a good position. It’s definitely a seller’s market, especially in the $200 – $350K sales price range. I have represented several Buyer clients over the past few months that have struggled to solidify a contract due to the influx of investors re-entering the marketplace at this price point. Multiple offers and offers over asking price are a norm right now. Seems we couldn’t see and/or submit an offer fast enough on a “good” home. However, I must say that we have succeeded, as all of my recent buyer clients have executed contracts and are now on their way to owning a new home.

If you are in the market to sell, it’s a great time, no matter what the price point. Buyers are active. Market is strong. And, if you’re a buyer, although it might take a bit of patience, interest rates and loan package offerings right now are amazing. Take advantage of it and let me help you find your perfect home!

I’m here and ready to help you with any type of home transition you are contemplating. Give me a call and let’s get started!