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It’s called “staging” in the Real Estate world. There are 8 steps that can make your home more appealing during the selling process. Here they are:

1) Take photos
…to assess from a different perspective what the buyers are seeing

2) Pack up the Clutter
Rooms should be only sparsely furnished to “suggest” the use for each room, yet allow the buyer to visualize their own furnishings there

3) Harmonize Colors
If that means re-painting, so be it. It may be the most cost effective way to hugely increase the appeal of your home. Use neutral tones as they appeal to a broader base of buyers. Neutral doesn’t have to mean boring as today’s neutrals are a little bolder and more fun than the old beiges and ivory walls of the past.

4) Define Storage Spaces
Showing that there’s adequate closet, pantry and other storage space is critical to most buyers. This requires more decluttering so that these areas don’t look jam packed and appear larger.

5) Focus on the Kitchen and Bathrooms
these rooms sell houses! So makeovers are important if needed. If you can only afford to “refresh” one room of the home, make it the kitchen! Paint the cabinets, install new door hardware, faucets and light fixtures. These are affordable updates that can really make a difference!

6) Deep Clean
From a buyer’s perspective, when they enter a home that is spic and span and shiny, they tend to think everything is well-maintained. A dirty home on the other hand, usually causes one to believe that the owner did not care enough to take care of things.

7)Curb Appeal
Many buyers refuse to even enter a home if the outside looks overgrown, poorly maintained or outdated. Cut the grass, groom plants and shrubs, and pay close attention to the entry area and front door as they are especially important. The door and hardware should be spotless. Add a pot of colorful flowers near the entrance and a grouping of outdoor furniture if there’s a usable front patio.

8) Add Warmth and Hominess
After you’ve done all of the above, make sure your home doesn’t feel too “sterile” and still has a “warm/homy” feeling to it. Adding a few plants, splashes of color and texture with decorative pillows or throws can help.

If you are looking to buy or sell your home, let me help you! Contact me today and we can discuss how we can meet your goals, fulfill your dreams and paint your perfect picture.

Source: Arizona Republic, 2/9/14