The world of the internet provides endless information at our fingertips. Although it’s tempting to think that you can handle your real estate needs successfully yourself, you will find that entering into a partnership with a trustworthy REALTOR® is definitely a smart move and will save you time and money in the end. Regardless of what the new generation of online and virtual companies promise, you will have a more successful  bottom line if you partner with a REALTOR® to get top dollar for your home, or negotiate the best outcome possible on your purchase. Read more about why you should use a REALTOR® as opposed to a Real Estate Agent or one of the “new wave” companies. Here’s more information on the differences…

If you’re looking for general information on the web to help you in your home selling or buying  journey, we recommend as they provide useful and trustworthy information and are connected to the National Association of Realtors. If you are interested in buying, or just like to “shop” homes, please feel free to utilize my RE/MAX page which allows you to search a particular address, area or city and receive accurate and current information regarding all active listings from the MLS. It’s free and there’s absolutely no obligation! If you’d like the mobile version, go here.

Why should you choose Mary to help you sell or buy your home? Because of the way she defines herself as a REALTOR®. And, because she has undivided time and energy to dedicate to you.

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