Sourcing homes online can be cumbersome, time consuming and frustrating! I have formed a strategic relationship with Home Buyers Marketing II, Inc. (HBM II), a national real estate company, and Diane Stech with Republic Mortgage Home Loans. These partnerships allow me to provide some incredible tools to my friends, family and valued clients. These tools are FREE and there is no obligation! It is simply my way of trying to add the most value possible and help you paint your perfect home picture!

The Home Scouting product provides you access to MLS data via an innovative and FREE smart phone app. You’ll be able to search homes “wherever you are” with the app’s GPS technology. So, if you’re driving down a street and you see a house with a for sale sign, you can instantly access MLS details and photos on that specific property. Real-time and accurate information at your fingertips!

Click on the below banner to learn more and to start making your home scouting trips worthwhile!

HomeScouting Search

In addition to the Home Scouting tool, I can provide a FREE, monthly “Sold Home Report” that helps you assess and stay current on the value of your home and the home sales in your area. It’s great way to measure your home equity and keep track of market trends. Contact me and I’ll get your first Sold Home Alert to you right away.

Email or call me at 602-284-7781 to learn more about these great tools. I will answer any questions you may have, or enroll you within a matter of minutes to one or both of these tools.

Why should you choose Mary to help you sell or buy your home? Because of the way she defines herself as a REALTOR®. And, because she has undivided time and energy to dedicate to you.

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